The Lennerockers - The Lennerockers & Friends (2 CDs)

The Lennerockers - The Lennerockers & Friends (2 CDs)

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Disk 1:
1. Hot Dog (feat. Johnny and the Roccos)
2. Sweet Love on My Mind (feat. Sandy Ford)
3. Just a Closer Walk / How Great thou Art (feat. Charlie Gracie)
4. Don't Leave Me Now (feat. Graham Fenton)
5. Long Blond Hair (feat. Andy Lee)
6. Rocky Road Blues (feat. Freddie "Fingers" Lee)
7. Who Do You Love (feat. Johnny Carroll)
8. Down in Louisiana (feat. Christian Chimanski & Francois Polanski)
9. Wells Fargo Trail (feat. Orville Nash)
10. Suburb Backyard Blues (feat. Christian "Rockin' Fusel" Pusiol)
11. Weekend Love (feat. Ray Campi)
12. Home of the Blues (Live) [feat. Peter Caulton]
13. Hoochie Coochie Daddy (feat. Jean Vincent)
14. Sweet Angel Lies (feat. Crystalairs)
15. White Mice, Pink Elephants and Strong Brown Liqueur (feat. Danny and the Wonderbras)
16. Twelve Bar Blues and a Case of Beer (feat. Martin Wurm & Norbert Meistrowitz)
17. Rockin' at the Ritz (Live) [feat. Graham Fenton]
18. Poor Boy Blues (feat. Andy Lee)
19. Gospel-Medley (feat. Rose Maddox)

Disk 2:
1. Teenage Boogie (feat. Johnny and the Roccos)
2. Chills (feat. Freddie "Fingers" Lee)
3. Gunning for the Dog (feat. Graham Fenton)
4. Pullman City Blues (feat. Johnny and the Roccos)
5. Put Your Cat Clothes On (feat. Andy Lee)
6. Midnight Rider (feat. Johnny Carroll)
7. Crazy Arms (feat. Sylvia Horn)
8. Hillbilly Rock (Live) [feat. Peter Caulton]
9. Ole Slow Foot (feat. Rose Maddox)
10. Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu (feat. Charlie Gracie)
11. Get Along (feat. Orville Nash)
12. Tennessee Whiskey (feat. Francois Polanski & Thomas "Locke" Kässens)
13. Pink and Black (feat. Sandy Ford)
14. You Gambled (feat. Ray Campi)
15. The Quarter (feat. Chris Kramer)
16. Baby Blue (feat. Jean Vincent)
17. Honey Bun (feat. Andy Lee)
18. Tear It Up (Live) [feat. Graham Fenton]
19. Oh Freedom (with Friends)

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